Core Sports Health is transforming our patients lives and optimize their fitness through understanding their genetic markers. 

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By analyzing over 75 genetic markets, the PathwayFit genetic and lifestyle report is designed to help give you the power to understand your metabolism and response to the exercise, which may help you to establish and maintain a healthier lifestyle. 


The PathwayFit NutriGenomic profile provides you with an individualized report with powerful information to help you understand how your genetics and lifestyle may affect your diet, nutrition and exercise. Our report is like no other. It's about your body, it's design for your body.

With your genetic information, you are able to gain insights into how your body may process sugars, fats, nutrients, and vitamins. You can also learn how your genes might affect how you perceive and desire specific foods, and how they may influence eating behaviors. What's more, PathwayFit screens for muscle potential and how your body responds to exercise, as well as your potential to maintain a healthy weight.

Start living smarter, with answers to: 
-What type of diet may be best for you?
-Have you ever wondered whty you can't say 'no' to certain foods?
-Is snacking in your genes?
-What types of exercises are the most effective for you?
-How can you achieve your ideal weight?
-How can you optimize metabolism and gain energy?


Let Core Sports Health help you unlock your potential by understanding your NutriGenomic profile. Know more. Live better.